So you want to be Canadian Eh?

Canada is an awesome country and if your intention is to come to Canada to spend the rest of your life with your Canadian loved ones then I highly recommend applying for Permanent Residence in Canada..however there are a few things to consider first...

  1. Are you legally married or have you lived together legally in Canada or another country continuously for 12 months or more..or been in a relationship and been forced to live apart for 12 months or more.. and can you prove it?
  2. Do you need a lawyer? The answer in NO they cost thousands of Dollars for a process you can easily complete yourself! The only reason you might need a lawyer is if you are Inadmissible to Canada due to criminal activity or have a highly complex case!

The best thing you can do for your application is do your homework first to avoid any complications and delays!!

Please note that this website is intended to inform Genuine Applicants how to apply to reunite with their loved ones in Canada and has not been produced in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the Government of Canada.

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